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  • A zine photo book of WGI percussion 2023 captured by Marching Vlogs finals week journey.
  • BONUS GALLERY: 4 talented photographers showcasing work captured throughout the season.
  • 77 selected photos
  • Photos include: Various world class ensemble rehearsals, warm up lots at UD Arena, and down the tunnel for world class finals retreat.
  • A unique relic from that energetic season encapulated in a photo book
  • Photos by Guap Soto - @guap.soto
  • Gallery submissions by:
    • Omar Sanchez - @momarzomar
    • Haley Fulton - @haleyfulton
    • Jared - @jht_photo
    • Jackson Arnold - @jtacaptures
  • Only 50 copies. Limited quantity.

The Final Rep. Vol ii.

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