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"A balanced diameter and length, coupled with a fast taper that levels off before the tip. Increased articulation quality allows for lower pitched tuning schemes. Made of hickory, the design of this stick focuses-first and foremost-on the feel. The balance of the shaft diameter and length, coupled with a fast taper that levels off before the tip, creates comfort and sound quality for the performer. The tip diameter and shape increases the articulation quality, which allows for a lower pitched tuning scheme and an improved drum sound. John Mapes is a marching percussion designer and educator who has achieved an unprecedented 29 WGI medals since 2005. In addition to his successes in competitive indoor percussion – which include leading Chino Hills High School and Pulse Percussion to 5 World Championships – John is incredibly active in Drum Corps International. In 2013, John joined the design team of the Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps as battery arranger. Previously, he worked with Blue Devils B and Esperanza Drum and Bugle Corps. As a long-time Vic Firth artist, I have played and taught with all of the sticks and mallets available,” says Mapes. “While teaching, there were certain sticks that produced the sound I most desired. However, that did not always mean that they had the feel that our performers preferred. Combining the desired sound and the feel became the focus of a product I knew could be a great addition to the Vic Firth catalog.”


Designed with John Mapes for marching and drum corps applications

Branded for Marching Vlogs

Length and diameter combined with a medium taper provide a balanced feel


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