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Marching Arts Member Vlogs


A collection of pre-performance performances.. Otherwise known as Lot Videos

Omar Sanchez-63.jpg

A 50+ member Passion Project coordinating the first All Star Drumline with performers from RCC, Pulse, and Broken City.

Bad kids to the back NEW.00_00_46_06.Still004.png

Original Solos and Duets by the best in the activity


A physical booklet of photos 

shot during WGI Finals in Dayton Ohio. Photos by Guap Soto


A collection of photos from MV photographers


MV produced Multicam videos for Music Performance Ensembles

Screenshot (77).png

Zach Borromeo and Zach Wilson play a famous drumline piece called "Twitch"

Denton TX SCV 2022 Day 8-36.jpg

A collection of MV produced videos for creatives, corporations, and ensembles


In partnership with Lot Riot, follow MV photographer John Soto as he covers the culture of the Lot in WGI FInals 22'

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