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Welcome to Marching Vlogs, your premier destination for all things related to marching arts, performances, and the vibrant world of music and movement. We are passionate about capturing the essence of marching arts culture and sharing it with our dedicated community.

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Our Origins

Marching Vlogs, founded in 2019 by Sergio Bravo and Mark Perret, is a vibrant platform that emerged from their shared love for the marching arts. Sergio's captivating age-out vlogs on Instagram as @sergoboyvlogs, chronicling his final year as a marching arts performer, inspired the idea. Mark Perret, co-founder of Gridbook Percussion, brought his influential experience to shape Marching Vlogs, infusing it with the collaborative spirit of artistic expression. Together, they established Marching Vlogs as a dynamic hub celebrating the dedication and camaraderie of the marching arts community through videos, interviews, and an active online presence. From its humble origins, Marching Vlogs has evolved into a thriving global space where performers and enthusiasts unite to share their experiences and contribute to the legacy of marching arts.


Mark Perret 

 Owner of Gridbook Percussion Academy

  • Instagram

Sergio Bravo

 Owner of Marching Vlogs

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Video Showcase


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Instagram Story Takeovers

Immerse yourself in mesmerizing performances from various marching arts groups across the globe. From intricate formations to powerful music, our videos capture the heart and soul of the marching arts world.

Get to know the people behind the scenes – directors, choreographers, musicians, and more. Discover the stories that make marching arts unique.

Experience an intimate BTS view of the marching arts world through our exclusive takeovers. Gain insights into the members' personal experiences within their ensembles, capturing candid moments and behind-the-scenes magic.

Media Production Services

Online Store

We offer a range of professional media production services, including videography, photography, graphic design, and motion graphics. Whether you're a marching arts group, dancer, event organizer, or soon-to-be-wed couple, our services are tailored to your needs. From capturing performances and events to creating captivating graphics, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Explore our digital download and physical merchandise offerings, featuring a range of products that celebrate the spirit of marching arts. From exclusive video content to stylish apparel and accessories, our store brings the marching arts experience to life.

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